Monday, January 5, 2009

The Travolta's Unimaginable Loss

I heard the news this weekend and thought "not that and not him!"

I know that pretty much all parents love their kids. I also know it's not a given. John Travolta loves and adores his kids and he's never been shy about it. He is one of those guys who wears his heart on his sleeve. I'm not sure if it's because of his religion or his inner confidence, but he's very emotional and I can only imagine the grief that he and his wife Kelly are going through.

I have always felt like I know John Travolta.

I know, it sounds strange, but I have been a fan of his since the "Welcome Back, Kotter" days of the 1970's. I remember telling my mother back then that he was going to be a big star. He had then and still has a 'presence' on the screen, be it big or small, that is rare. He is one of my favorite actors and one of my favorite people. You can tell that he is a nice guy. In interviews he just gushed about his kids, his love so apparent.

So when I heard the news and read the articles on the internet, my heart broke for him, Kelly and their daughter, Ella Bleu.

I don't think that he will ever be the same. He'll recover somewhat, but the light in his eyes will most certainly be dimmed. He has lost Jett, his most beloved son and, sadly, we have lost him as a result.

I will be sending good thoughts their way and I hope that they are able to rebound from this terrible accident and loss.

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