Saturday, January 31, 2009


I didn't realize until a couple of days ago that this was Super Bowl weekend. That is pretty surprising for me. With the Patriots not going to the big game, I guess there really wasn't any reason to know.

Years ago, it was a different story. My TV would go on in the morning and off after midnight each and every Sunday. I would watch all the pre and post shows and whatever games were being shown in the Providence market. Teams I enjoyed were: Kansas City Chiefs (my favorite)along with the Buffalo Bills and Patriots (of course.) I also loved to watch Green Bay and the Pittsburgh Steelers (who I am rooting for this year!)

The Kansas City Chiefs were my favorite team, lead by Marty Schottenheimer, who is my all time favorite head coach. Steve DeBerg, Derrick Thomas (inducted posthumously into the Hall of Fame today) along with a great defense.

My second favorite team was the Buffalo Bills - Jim Kelly, Steve Tasker, Andre Reed and Bruce Smith - my all time favorite football player! Here he is, pictured below, back in the day:

What fun he was to watch! The determination he showed as a player was always something I admired the most of him.
“I am overjoyed,” said Smith, the career sacks leader who spent most of his career with the Bills.
A defensive end, Smith retired five years ago with 200 sacks and made two all-decade teams.
Drafted No. 1 overall in 1985, Smith had the most seasons with double-digit sacks (13) and the most postseason sacks (14½). He earned defensive player of the year honors in 1990 and 1996 with Buffalo and concluded his 19-season career with four seasons as a Redskin.

Smith previously said making the hall would be a bigger honor if two other Bills, Wilson and wide receiver Andre Reed, also got in the same year. He got half of his wish.
“What a phenomenal class, and especially with having Ralph Wilson, the founding owner of the Buffalo Bills, to be inducted in the ’09 class as well,” Smith said. “This is truly special.”
Then his thoughts turned to his family.
“Just thinking about my father and all the sacrifices he and my mother made when I was a child growing up to be a man,” Smith added, tearfully. “How he wanted me to have a life better than he had. I just wish he was here. He would be extremely proud of this day.”

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