Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good Morning

Wow!! It's a new day, a great day for us all.

I honestly feel like a new person - that there's a new purpose in life!

As difficult as the campaign was - I first supported Hillary - but then John Edwards decided he'd run and I thought he was the best candidate (what did I know!) But when he dropped out a week before Super Tuesday, as upset as I was at the time (again, what did I know) I supported Hillary, whom I have always admired. I wasn't crazy about how her campaign was run and, ultimately, others felt the same way, I think.

I didn't really like Obama as a candidate at first. I thought he should have waited and run in 2012 (again, what the heck did I know.) I liked him as a person just fine, and really admired what I knew of his wife. But little by little he sold himself to me. Then I (finally) realized that he was exactly who we needed to repair the messes created by Bush and his cronies.

Of course, Barack Obama has a monumental job ahead of him, but I can actually feel and sense possibility in the air! He's smart enough to make some good decisions, unlike his predecessor.

I feel so happy for black Americans! How, just overnight, the world has changed for them - now it will be easier for them to feel as white people have always felt; they can become anything they want, with hard work - even President Of The United States! Just by being elected, Obama has shown other people of color that anything is possible. I can only imagine how wonderful that feeling is for them today! Two of my nieces, who, like Obama, have a white mother and a black father, are overjoyed at this victory. They had favored Obama all along and it's now easy to understand why. They look like him - with that same beautiful skin color. Their lives will be enriched by Obama as my life never will. I am overjoyed with that thought.

I'm looking so forward to watching those two beautiful little girls grow up - it's crazy, insane, and wonderful that a black family will be living in the White House! That just makes me smile.

It's truly a great day for America and the world. Anything is possible.

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