Monday, July 30, 2007

The invention of the personal computer is certainly one of the greatest feats of technology. I have a love/hate relationship with the computer at my home. I know just enough to keep me busy without getting into the aspects of how it all works.

I love that I can type anything that I want into Word and never have to use white-out, or if you are old enough to remember, the tape that would be put over the mistake and then you'd strike the same key again (an earlier version of white-out, I guess) to erase it. I love Excel also, for when I was working, I would enter info about my sales and it would instantly tabulate all the dollars involved without me doing any math at all!

Now I keep and play most of my music right on the computer. I got some great speakers which allow me to hear music I've known for years in a new and totally different way. Pictures too, are kept on the computer and easily forwarded to friends or this blog.

The internet is crazy. If anyone ever explained years ago to me about the ability to find any and all information about any and all subjects, to be able to chat with people all over the world, look up directions and maps, be able to look at your home from a satellite in the sky (among other things), to send letters instantaneously, look for a place to live, read the newspaper, and so on and on, I would not have believed it.

Yet here I sit each day, visiting YouTube, checking in to see what Rosie is up to, reading the Projo, browsing news sites, following what politicians are up to with their campaigns, visiting zoo cams to see whatever baby animals they have on CCTV, reading gossip, looking at MySpace bios and checking TV listings among other things.

But, more than anything, the greatest use of my computer and the reason I bought one in the first place was to not have to shuffle and deal the cards to play solitaire! I love all the different games of solitaire, and I think my carpal tunnel syndrome started just from all of the games I have played through the years. However, since the invention of the computer and in the 10 years or so since I got my first one, I've rarely had to shuffle and deal for solitaire.

Then, in 1999 or so, I discovered And I've been hooked ever since. The solitaire games are the best and you win tokens as you play. They also have word games, of which I am also a big fan of. There are board games and puzzles and there are at least 30 casino games. I've been a paid member of since 8/15/02 and the money has been well spent. Each day after checking my mail and the news (obituaries, too) I log into pogo and play games. Each week you have the option of earning badges, which don't really count for anything, but are a fun way to be introduced to the different games as well as have some competition between players. You also get to make a little mini - of yourself, with different hair styles, faces, clothing and backgrounds. My mini has lived on a farm, protested against Exxon/Mobil and had a craft room.

The tokens that you win as you play can be cashed in for cash prizes and there is a jackpot for each game you play. When you win, the spinner spins and you win anywhere from 50 tokens up to the jackpot of $4,999. Some other prizes are awarded, like gift certificates and chair massagers. I've won only wallpaper and screensavers (pretty much everyone wins these items) but am hoping to be a big cash winner someday (soon, I hope). Another aspect of is their chat. Each room allows people to chat back and forth between games, or even while you are playing. Thankfully, they have a mute button for people who you might find annoying, and I have to admit, I mute a lot of people.

So, go check out You don't have to pay to play and many people don't. My screen name is alicarne (big surprise there, huh?) and you could try to look me up and chat with me. Though I can't promise that you won't be muted!


Dawn said...

Ok, first of all do you have MySpace? If so fess up - I am dorky enough to admit that I have one.

Second, I agree about technology...3 cheers for the internet, I found me a husband via the internet! LOL

Alex Gold said...

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