Monday, July 23, 2007

The Dimwit and the Idiot

The last apartment I lived in was a 3rd floor walk up in West Warwick. That was 1980. I've always rented houses. I don't like having other people right around me. Until now. Now I live in an old house that has been converted into 6 apartments. There's a pretty diverse group of people who live here and most of them don't bother me at all. Except for the dimwit upstairs and her idiot boyfriend.

After living here for about 2 weeks, I went upstairs to introduce myself, give the dimwit (I didn't think of her as a dimwit then) my phone number in case Hannibal was noisy because I was going to be out for a couple of hours. I asked her if anyone who lived below her ever told her that everything, and I mean everything that she and her boyfriend do and say can be heard downstairs? She started to show her dimwit nature at that point because she didn't really have an answer that I could understand. Over the next few minutes I repeatedly told her that I hear everything; talking, snoring, yelling (which she does alot of), and, again, said the word everything!! She just didn't get it. That was the beginning of the nightmare that is the dimwit and the idiot. A couple of weeks later I mentioned to the landlady that I hear everything and I went into some detail as to what that meant; burping, farting, conversations, yelling, sex and that the dimwit stays up all night!! The landlady mentioned that her daughter had lived in this apartment for a few weeks and she had known about all of this. Which makes me think that's why the daughter lasted just a few weeks. So the landlady calls the dimwit asking if she can keep the noise down from 2 or 3 am on and and she (the dimwit) brings home from work (at the local nuclear submarine shop) some earplugs for me!! to use - in my apartment! See why I call her dimwit? Now the idiot doesn't live here, but he's here at least 95% of the time. I don't know where his house is, but I think I'd rather live next to it than here where he always seems to be.

I've had to endure life with them since March. I know more about them and their life than I ever wanted to. Her license to drive is suspended. They both smoke. They like to argue, so much so that I don't think they even like each other. The things that I've heard her say to him, and vice versa is appalling. She has a 7 year old girl who visits once in a while. The way she yells and curses at her has made me think about calling the local PD or DCYF. This is all info I've heard through my ceiling.

He (the idiot) is a real fan of beer. So much so that he keeps a cooler in the trunk of his car with beer on ice. Each morning as he leaves the apartment and he walks by the front of mine, I hear either bottles or cans in the trash that he brings to the dumpster. I have on 2 occasions seen him drink (many) and then drive away. Each time I've wanted to call the PD, but once he gets to the top of the street, who knows where he heads. If he takes a left, he'll stay in town. If he goes right, he's in the next town after about 30 feet. One afternoon (12 noon) he drove here drinking a beer. I thought that would be the day I would call - figuring he'd leave again soon. But he was here for 3 hours and I have no idea if he was still drinking so when he left all I could do was watch him go. So, I sit here fuming. Knowing that there are innocent people out there who this idiot could crash into makes me crazy. If you'd read my earlier post (teenagers and alcohol) you'll know that there have been far too many drunk driving crashes (can't call them accidents, if someone knowingly drives after drinking) in the town I live in.

Today, however, I could take it no more. A little sporty BMW with 2 young men in it pull in to the driveway out front. The idiot goes to his car, gets out some cash, walks over to the car and with his back towards me so I cannot see all that is happening, gives some cash to the driver, takes something from him and pockets it. (You might be asking yourself, does she sit in the window?? I do when I'm on my computer which happens periodically throughout the day and night.) I called the PD because I could not not call. They both pulled out a couple of minutes later, I gave the info to the dispatcher and hoped for the best (for me, not them). The idiot came back a couple of hours later, got out of his car and glared at me in the window (he's never done that before) so something may have happened. Now I wait to see if anything comes of it. I should also mention that he is a little league umpire. What an idiot.

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