Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oil Executives Deny Gas Overcharging

Because the fuel expands in hot weather and provides less energy per gallon!! Are they kidding? There is some truth that gas expands in hot weather, but what about this past winter? And last fall? And the spring and fall and winter before that? Come on, how stupid do the oil companies think we are. Oh wait, we keep paying the ridiculously high prices, drive SUV's and other gas guzzling trucks, so maybe we deserve some culpability in this.

I've probably spent less than a couple of hundred dollars on gas in the past year, but it's still been a drain when I could be spending money on other more important items. Like dog food or toilet paper. Maybe even medication, go figure.

As a big fan of boycotts, I've been boycotting Exxon, and now, Exxon Mobil since their complete (mis)handling of the Valdez oil spill in Alaska in March of 1989. Over a million gallons of crude oil from a ship piloted by a drunk captain spilled in one of the most beautiful locations in America, nevermind the world.

Of course this is the same company where, last year, each quarter they had record profits and their chairman received hundreds of millions of dollars as a bonus for the fine job he does. I'm sure he doesn't worry about $3 a gallon.
Exxon has also spent millions of dollars in the denial of science and global warming facts. So for those of you with children, who will someday have their own children and so on. Imagine what life will be like. Gasoline at $10 or $20 a gallon. Or an environment that is so compromised that it may be dangerous to leave your house. That's if your house is still there, because if you live near any coastline around the world, figure with the rising oceans, your home may be underwater for the future generations.
For those who live in Vermont, having beachfront property will probably be fun.

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