Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Castle

I got a phone call from my friend J who went through the castle with me last year. He was at George's Pizza for supper (there is no George at George's Pizza, the owner's name is Hercules!) and he ran into the guy who lives across the street from the castle. He told J he had bad and good news. The bad news is that someone broke into the castle and stole all the copper pipes (which is not a real big problem as the heating and plumbing systems need to be completely replaced.) The good news is that the owner, Marc Piccoli, who I have been trying to find for a year and a half has agreed to sell the castle for just $115,000!!! A friend of Richard (who lives across the street) is interested. When I get my voice back - it's been gone since Friday - I am going to call Richard and see if he can hook me up with the guy who is interested! I can give him some history as well as some information that could be handy with the renovations that need to be done.

I'm very pleased and I really hope that someone, anyone buys this beautiful piece of art that doubles as a house!
It's in some serious need of attention and love. To be continued...

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